Incheon-based SSG Landers, who had been aiming for a combined championship for two consecutive years, lost the momentum to take a new leap forward due to the recent sluggishness, and even the second place is threatened.안전놀이터

SSG has 52 wins, 1 draw and 40 losses until the game on the 8th, with an odds rate of 0.565, and is behind LG (57 wins, 2 draws, 35 losses) by 5 games. Moreover, 3rd place NC (49 wins, 1 draw, 43 losses) and 4th place KT (50 wins, 2 draws, 44 losses), which are on a steep rise recently, are chasing after by 3 games, so it is not expected that it will be easy to keep the 2nd place at the current trend.

SSG, which competed for the lead with LG and Lotte at the beginning of the season and ran for first place alone in June, has not been able to leap to the top even once after falling to second place on June 27th. While LG is leading with steady performance, SSG has more losses than wins in July and August.

After recording 6 wins and 8 losses in July, when games were often canceled due to the rainy season, August is sluggish with 2 wins and 5 losses by playing 7 games until the 8th. Since the sweep win against Doosan on June 22 (three wins), they have not been able to record a sweep for over a month and a half, and during this period, there are only two winning series.

SSG’s sluggish performance is due to the anxiety of the starting mound and the ups and downs of the batting line. McCarty (7 wins) has the most wins among starting pitchers, and Kim Gwang-hyun and Oh Won-seok have 6 wins, so there is no pitcher with 10 wins. Park Jong-hoon, who had high expectations, only had two wins. Rather, the most wins in the team was 8 wins (2 losses) with Noh Kyung-eun, the middle pitcher.

In a situation where the 4th and 5th selections were not suitable, Moon Seung-won, a starting resource, was turned into a relief, but it was not good. Seo Jin-yong (30 saves), the No. 1 player in the save category, is raging, but he fell into a swamp of sluggishness due to anxiety in the starting and middle pitches.

Lines are also a problem. In August, except for the 4 points and 9 points that were picked when winning 2 matches against Lotte last week, only 1 point was drawn from 5 losing games. At the beginning of August, in three consecutive matches with KT, the concentration of the batting line is low enough to record 8 hits and no points in the 1st and 2nd games, and 7 hits and 1 point in the 3rd game. On the 6th, the Lotte game had no hits, and on the 8th, the NC game was struggling with 4 hits and empty hits.

The team failed to record a single home run in August to the extent that its reputation as a “home run factory” was overshadowed. It is the 9th game since Choi Joo-hwan fired a solo shot at Hanwha Electric on the 28th of last month. Choi Jeong-do, the ‘main gun’, has not been able to taste his hands in 10 games.

If the starting mound and the explosive power of the other line are not restored, SSG will not only find it difficult to become a second-place shooter, but also the possibility of falling into the middle ranks cannot be ruled out.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “The mound is not bad, but the bat is a problem. I have to explode a little in the top line, but I can’t. Even for the atmosphere renewal, the top batting line has to come alive. The seniors need to put more effort into changing the atmosphere,” he said.

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