It was the top of the third inning when the score was tied at 1-1. The home team faced a crisis. This is because the third base with two outs is caught in the center lineup. No. 3 Ronnie Dawson is lurking in the batter’s box. (12th, Jamsil, LG-Kiem)메이저놀이터

The situation is the situation. Each ball is careful. The ball combination of batteries is also very careful. Fastballs, changeups, sliders, curves…. All pitches are mobilized. At the count of 2-2, the winning ball is cut one after another.

Then it’s my seventh pitch. The sign exchange is over. It’s a change-up. The catcher lowers the mitt. And he hit the ground once. It’s a spell to drop a manned ball. But somehow. The actual pitch goes the other way. Fly high to the far side. It almost fell out. He almost gave up a free point.

He is a catcher who managed to catch it. I take off my mask and get lost in thought for a while. Should I say it or not. Soon, he shouts at the mound. More than 10,000 spectators could hear it. The volume is enough to be included in the broadcasting microphone. “Wontae, don’t try to throw it too perfectly.”

It was like that from the beginning. It’s an unusual Saturday. It’s a subtle atmosphere. It’s a curious, exciting, moving, and a little sad early evening in Jamsil.

At the top of the first inning, the first batter enters the batter’s box. The referee’s play ball declaration came out. At the same time, the home team selection takes off the hat. And bend your back as if cutting toward third base. It is the place where the visiting team Duckout and fans are located. They’ve been together for the last eight years.

In fact, his feelings after the game were different game. “The number of pitches increased due to poor condition. I thought the fifth episode might be difficult, but the director put it up (on the mound). Thanks to him, he won. I wasn’t particularly aware that it was my home team. I just thought I had to do well.” (Choi Won-tae)

But I don’t believe that. It can’t have been nothing. It would have been difficult. On this day, the stands on the third base are special. There are quite a few sketchbooks floating around. “Wontae, I love you.” “Wontae, go easy on me.” “Wontae, please wear the winning ring.” “Wontae throws well and Kiwoom wins…”‘. The 20th burgundy uniform also glitters here and there. He is the back number of the Heroes.

It’s already been two weeks. It was on the 29th of last month. A surprise trade was announced. Official is a few hours away. A party has appeared in the office of the Twins. I’m busily dragged from place to place. It’s a transfer. CEO, general manager, team member…. I can’t help being unfamiliar and awkward.

And I found the director’s office. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop stands up from his seat. “Uh, welcome. Our savior is here.” It’s American style. Hugs and fist kisses to express welcome. “What’s your goal? It’s a win.” It also gives me a lot of pressure.

Of course, there is a separate point. That’s what I really want to tell you. “It would be convenient for us to select. Because the middle (pitcher) is good and he has a hit. So don’t try too hard not to give points. Give me a point quickly. I want you to win.” (Yum Kyung-yeop)

I managed to finish the fifth episode. As he said, episode 4 could have been the end. At least, thanks to the consideration of the bench, the victory requirements were met. He also allowed two walks, which he did not give well. The number of pitches was needed as many as 100. It was a sweaty day.

He played three games after the transfer. Among them, only the Bears (July 30, six scoreless innings) were okay. The other two games were hard. The ERA is 4.50 with eight runs in 16 innings. It is likely to say that it falls short of expectations. Perhaps the pressure, the pressure, worked.

The solution is already out. It’s a team of overwhelming power. Both offense and defense are impeccable. Most of the batting is blocked by the fielders. Losing points in the beginning? It’s about two points. You’ll catch up quickly. It’s not hard to turn it upside down. In addition, the second half is reliable. It’s full of must-win groups.

That’s why I’m saying this. “Don’t try to throw it too perfectly.” “Give me a point quickly, and win.” That’s not a need. Park Dong-won and Yeom’s stories are the same. In the “Twins 2023 version,” it means you can or should.

Of course, there are times when you have to burn everything meticulously, carefully, perfectly. When the cold wind blows, it takes one or two games. For that, we have to take a break. It’s time to control your energy and catch your breath. That’s what Choi Won-tae needs.

It Was The Top Of The Third Inning When The Score Was Tide At One To One The Whom Team Paste A Shiaraaisais This Is Bikaz The Third Base It To Outs Is Cot In The Center Elieniyuppie Number Three Rani Doseon Ezra.

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