‘The players burst into bread due to Park Hae-min’s exaggerated batting form’

LG players, who took a sweet break in the forced march as the previous two games were canceled in the rain during the three consecutive matches during the week, were on the ground ahead of the Lotte match on the 24th. I spun the bat vigorously.토토사이트

After a good rest, the beasts trained with more fighting spirit than usual. Moon Bo-kyung, who approached Shin Min-jae and Moon Seong-joo before hitting training, began to examine the bat carefully. Moon Bo-kyung, who was looking around, eventually made a gesture to Shin Min-jae, saying, “My brother’s bat doesn’t suit me,” as if he liked his bat the most, and headed to the batting cage.

Park Hae-min, who appeared at the place where Moon Bo-kyung left, raised the atmosphere by swinging with an exaggerated batting form in front of Moon Sung-ju. At this moment, Park Hae-min, who had a cramp in his arm, complained of pain, and Moon Seong-ju burst into tears. Park Hae-min’s delightful behavior brightened the atmosphere on the pitch.

Moon Bo-gyeong, Park Hae-min, and Hong Chang-ki gathered for a while in the training that followed, giving each other advice on batting.

The LG Twins are firmly holding the No. 1 spot. The first place team was pleasant from the training atmosphere before the game. LG aims to win the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years since 1994. He played 104 games before the match against Lotte on the 24th. 64 wins, 38 losses, 2 draws, odds of 0.627. 2nd place KT and 6.5 games car are firmly defending the 1st place.

1st place with a team batting average of 0.285. The team’s ERA was also 3.59, ranking first. The LG Twins, who are running first in the pitching match. The faces of the players preparing for the game were also bright.

LG, who has a slight advantage against Lotte this season with 6 wins and 5 losses, announced Barnes as the starting pitcher for Lotte, who is 2.5 games behind Doosan in 5th place and 7th place in Kelly.

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