SSG Landers outfielder Ha Jae-hoon (32) hit an inside-the-park (ground) home run for the first time in his life.안전놀이터

Ha Jae-hoon made a record in the 8th inning attack, falling behind 3-5 in the 2023 professional baseball Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 26th.

He hit the slider in the middle of the first pitch against Park Chi-guk, Doosan’s 5th pitcher, in the chance to secure first base, and made a big batted ball in the middle left.

The ball hit the wall directly, and Doosan center fielder Su-bin Su jumped to catch it and fell.

The ball rolled sideways, and in the meantime, first base runner Kim Kang-min and batter runner Ha Jae-hoon both came home.

It was the 94th time in the KBO league that the inside the park home run came out, and the third time in SSG team history (including the predecessor SK Wyverns).

An inside the park home run counts as an official home run. Ha Jae-hoon increased his season home runs to four.

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