Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 6th, where a professional baseball game between KIA and Doosan was held. On this day, KIA fans who filled the away seats of the stadium, which was filled with 20,468 spectators, began singing the cheering song ‘Southbound Train’ in the 9th inning. It is a kind of congratulatory song that KIA fans who filled the stands until the end of the game always sing before leaving, and on this day, it was an exciting song celebrating a monumental victory. This is because KIA had a ‘9-game winning streak’ after 10 years and 3 months (3730 days). KIA fans, who filled more seats than home Doosan fans, sang more passionately than ever. The atmosphere was heated as if it were a Korean series. On this day, the ‘Tiger Army’ KIA was the owner of Jamsil.

KIA won 7-1 in the away game against Doosan in the 2023 KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 6th.안전놀이터

At the KIA-Doosan professional baseball game held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 6th, fans of KIA, who are trying for their 9th consecutive win, are filling the infield cheering seats. yunhap news
With this victory, KIA achieved its 9th consecutive win. It has been 3730 days since June 2013 that KIA had 9 consecutive wins. Starting with the win against KT on the 24th of last month, KIA won all three consecutive games against Hanwha, won one of the three consecutive games against NC (two games were canceled due to rain), and swept the three consecutive games against SSG last weekend. KIA also won against Doosan, completing a 9-game winning streak.

Against Doosan, KIA showed off its perfect two-stroke performance. KIA’s fire bat, which has been hot recently, showed no signs of cooling down on this day. Doosan put forward ‘native ace’ Kwak Bin to block KIA. Kwak Bin previously showed a strong performance against KIA with 2 wins and an ERA of 1.59, but he was helpless against the KIA batting lineup on this day. Kwak Bin left the mound early, allowing 6 hits (2 home runs), 3 walks, 4 strikeouts, and 6 runs in 3.1 innings.

KIA’s batting line produced a total of 13 hits on this day. Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young led the way to victory with two-run shots in the third and fourth innings, respectively. In the third inning, Na Seong-beom lifted Kwak Bin’s curveball and fired a two-run gun that went over the right field fence in the third inning with one out and a runner on second base. With this home run, KIA took a 2-0 lead. Na Seong-beom, who hit his 15th home run this season, achieved a home run against his former club. He is showing off his improved sense, hitting four home runs in the last five games.

It wasn’t just the batting line that performed well. Foreign pitcher Panoni, who started for KIA on this day, put the Doosan batting lineup to rest by pitching 6 innings, allowing 3 hits, 7 strikeouts, and no runs. He boasted such exquisite control that he did not give up a single walk. Park Jun-pyo and Yoon Jung-hyun, who came out of the bullpen, did not allow a run, and Kim Yu-shin, who pitched in the 9th inning, allowed only one run, completing the 7-1 victory.

After the game, Panoni said, “The team continued its winning streak, and I personally feel good because I made a pitch that I liked.” He added, “The team has a very good offense, so I was able to throw without pressure.” He continued, “I don’t know how long it will last, but I hope the team can continue its winning streak. “There is a fierce battle for rankings, and I think there will be good results if I play my role well so that the team can win,” he said.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said, “We showed good performance in two-strokes. First, starting pitcher Panoni played his role very well, going 6 innings without allowing any runs as expected,” he said. “In batting, Na Seong-beom’s two-run home run to open the final game at a quick timing revived the atmosphere. In the top of the 4th inning, Park Chan-ho’s RBI, Kim Do-young’s home run, and Socrates’ timely hit led to a big inning and victory. “It is encouraging that both pitchers maintain a good sense of the game,” he said.

Finally, Coach Kim said, “Even though it was a weekday, we were able to continue our winning streak thanks to the support of many fans. “I will do my best tomorrow too,” he said.

KIA will attempt its 10th consecutive win against Doosan on the 7th. The team’s signature pitcher, Yang Hyun-jong, will be the starting pitcher. Doosan’s starting pitcher to counter this is Wonjun Choi.

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