SSG has a strong image as a home run team. The team lineup was designed to take full advantage of Incheon SSG Landers Field, which is relatively small in size. However, this is not simply because the stadium is small. There are some players with top-level power in the league. And Hanyuseom (34) was one of the leaders.안전놀이터

He was Hanyu Island, who grew into a left-handed slugger representing the league, hitting 29 home runs in 2017 and 41 home runs in 2018. One force was beyond doubt. It was a power recognized by everyone. There was a period of ups and downs due to injuries, but I overcame it. In 2021, when the team changed its name to SSG and he also renamed himself Hanyu Island, he hit 31 home runs and announced his ‘strong power.’ He did his part last year as well, hitting 21 home runs and 100 RBIs. He was also captain of the winning team.

However, this year, the batting did not go as planned and a frustrating period continued. Han Yu-seom, who suffered from hamstring pain throughout last season and eventually suffered a serious injury of a hamstring rupture in the Korean Series, modified his batting form before the season to one that does not put too much strain on his lower body. It was a desperate measure to overcome the weight of age, which was now starting to become heavier. However, they struggled as they did not perform well at the beginning of the season.

After being in the 1st team, he performed poorly and was sent down to the 2nd team, and when he thought he had improved somewhat in the 2nd team, he was promoted to the 1st team again, but the routine repeated without any significant results. A difficult time has passed for both the coaching staff and players. It was hard to believe that Hanyu Island’s batting average remained at .196 (.196) until August 24th, well over half of the season. Even though the ball didn’t hit the bat, there was no chance of a long hit.

However, consistent efforts appear to be paying off at the end of the season. His batting skills have gradually improved since the end of August, and he is performing well in September, producing hits and extra-base hits. Hanyuseom is one of the best hitters in the league in September. He is leading the team’s batting lineup with a batting average of 0.520, on-base percentage of 0.571, slugging percentage of 0.680, and OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.251 in 7 games in September. His batting average (.542) last week was the highest in the league.

It is not the home run race that fans expect from Hanyu Island. There was 1 home run in September. However, there is reason to expect that home runs will gradually increase in the future. Hanyu Island is finding its batting speed. Recently, fast balls hitting over 165 km/h have been appearing frequently in every game. If this hitting speed meets the appropriate launch angle, bombing the outfield stands can happen more often, considering Hanyu Island’s power.

This could be felt in the game against KT held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 10th. Hanyu Island contributed to the team’s come-from-behind victory with 4 hits that day. Of these, three hits were hard hits (hits over 152.9 km/h). According to the tally of ‘Trackman’, which provides tracking data to the 9 teams in the KBO League, the batting speed of the hit in the 3rd inning was a whopping 180.6 km per hour. It was a bullet hit. In this year’s league, there are less than 10 players who recorded an in-play batting speed (launch angle of 5 degrees or more) of 180 km or more.

Even athletes who lack strength can reach 160 km if they are lucky. However, 170km cannot be achieved through luck or hitting skills alone. There must be strength. Needless to say, 180 km. This can be good evidence that Hanyu Island’s athletic ability and strength are still intact. The batted ball speed in the 6th inning was also fast at 174.3 km, and the 9th inning also recorded 162.3 km, making only 3 batted balls over 160 km that day.

In fact, not much has changed technically in September. He is steadily continuing the steps he has taken so far, and it must be seen that he is now seeing results. If so, we can look forward to his future performance, which will be the most important moment for SSG. The fact that SSG’s batting lineup began to falter this year is also related to Hanyu Island’s sluggish performance. He has to figure this out on his own. Only when the power of Hanyu Island returns can the power of SSG also return.
The 2023 professional baseball schedule begins in earnest with the remaining games starting this week.

Every year, the remaining game season, which is organized after the pre-planned schedule for games canceled due to rain or fine dust, is characterized by ‘irregularity’. Since the number of games played is different for each team, the remaining game schedule is bound to be inconsistent.

As of the 11th, Kiwoom Heroes has played 131 games, the most out of 144 games, with only 13 games remaining. The KIA Tigers, who have completed only 114 games, have to play 30 more games to complete the regular season.

Looking at this week’s schedule, KIA will play against the Samsung Lions in Daegu on the 12th and then immediately move to Gwangju to play a five-game series against the Lotte Giants and Doosan Bears, one after the other. It is a forced march that cannot rest even for a day due to the large number of games that have been postponed.

On the other hand, Kiwoom will rest well on the 12th to 14th and then conclude its weekly schedule with a two-game series against Lotte in Busan on the 15th to 16th.

Instead of resting on the 12th and 13th, the leading LG Twins will travel to Changwon (NC Dinos) on the 14th, Daejeon (Hanwha Eagles) on the 15th, Seoul Jamsil Stadium (SSG Landers) on the 16th, and even have a double header with SSG on the 17th. I was given a difficult schedule to complete.

The schedule of second-place KT Wiz, which travels to Incheon (SSG), Changwon (NC), and Daejeon (Hanwha), is not easy.

Maintaining physical condition due to frequent travel is the biggest variable in the remaining game season. Additionally, as the national baseball team participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games will be convened after the game on the 22nd, the performance of the next 10 days when they can mobilize all their strength will determine the fate of the fall baseball competition team.

The point to watch is how the six top teams – LG, KT, NC, KIA, SSG, and Doosan – will be ranked.

LG, which is 5.5 games ahead of the second-place group, is in a position to widen the gap to advance to the Korean Series for the first time in 21 years, and kt, NC, KIA, and SSG, who are fighting within 2 games, need to advance further to join the fall baseball with a higher ranking. You have to accumulate a lot of multipliers.

Doosan, which will enjoy the fall only if it takes down one team from the second-place group, will fight with an all-out mentality that ‘every game is the final.’

The two-game series between SSG and Doosan (13th-14th), the three-game series between SSG and LG (16th-17th), and the three-game series between Doosan and KIA (15th-17th) are considered important matches that will determine the outline of the top ranking.

Doosan, which is chasing 5th place SSG by 3 games, must secure two consecutive wins on the 13th and 14th before heading to Gwangju with a light heart. As SSG will also fall into crisis if it loses in a row, it plans to confront Doosan with an anti-strike strategy that will at least maintain its current lead.

KIA, which continues its upward trend with 9 straight wins, then back to back losses, and then 3 wins in a row, challenges this week’s tough schedule with the power of a minefield batting lineup.

KIA’s bat has been on fire since August 24, when the winning streak began, leading the team in batting average (0.332), runs scored (107 points), and slugging percentage (0.483).

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