‘Brother, it was absolutely not intentional.’ The ground was instantly frozen by the ball hitting the body. When the good-natured younger brother came up and apologized directly, the older brother also smiled and cleared up the misunderstanding.안전놀이터

LG Lim Chan-gyu, who was the starting pitcher for the second game of DH against SSG Hanyu Island, who showed off his best batting skills with 3 hits and 1 walk in the first game of DH, threw the first pitch in the third inning, and the moment the fast ball hit the body, the umpire and catcher were alerted to an unexpected situation. I approached the batter in preparation.

Jamsil Stadium on the 17th, where the double header game between LG Twins and SSG Landers was held. Starter Lim Chan-gyu, who took the mound as the starting pitcher in the second game of the doubleheader, struggled from the first inning.

After one out in the first inning, SSG Choi Joo-hwan and Choi Jeong had consecutive hits, and Han Yu-seom, who had three hits in the first game of the DH game, allowed the first run with a timely hit from the first at-bat. Lim Chan-gyu, who finished the inning with the fewest runs allowed by striking out Ha Jae-hoon and Kim Seong-hyun in the ensuing crisis with bases loaded and one out, looked disappointed.

Lim Chan-gyu, who was hit by a double by Choi Jeong after one out in the third inning, chose a fastball toward the inside of the first pitch in the game against Hanyu Island. The ball dug too deep into the 139km body and ended up hitting Hanyuseom’s body.

Hanyuseom, who showed off his best batting ability throughout the doubleheader game by hitting first in the last at-bat, was momentarily upset when the ball hit his body. Catcher Heo Do-hwan and the umpire approached the batter to prepare for an unexpected situation, but Han Yu-seom, enduring the pain, took off his protective gear.

Commissioner Lee Dae-hyung, who was in charge of commentary on the day, described the scene at the time, saying, “From a batter’s point of view, when the feeling of hitting is good, there are times when you become sensitive when your body is hit. (Hanyu Island) Because the feeling of hitting is so good, I drew a fast ball high toward the body from the first pitch, and it was deep.” explained.

Although there was no intention at all, Lim Chan-gyu came down from the mound and approached Han Yu-seom, who was walking to first base. When he made eye contact with Hanyu Island, Lim Chan-gyu took off his hat and repeatedly expressed his regret, saying that it was unintentional. The heart of the batter, Han Yu-seom, who was momentarily upset by his younger brother’s apology, quickly melted.

Han Yu-seom, who playfully pushed the forearm of his younger brother who personally went to see him and said sorry two or three times, ended the situation without any misunderstanding.

Lim Chan-gyu, who had successfully solved the incident against Hanyu Island in the third inning, gave up a timely hit to Ha Jae-hoon in the ensuing 1-out, bases-loaded crisis, but finished the inning by grounding out follow-up batters Kim Seong-hyun and Ahn Sang-hyun.

In the midst of good pitching by Lim Chan-gyu, a starting pitcher who didn’t seem to collapse, LG scored 7 points in the 3rd and 4th innings alone, giving Lim Chan-gyu the starting win.

Lim Chan-gyu, who recorded his 11th win of the season with 2 earned runs in 5 innings, said in an interview with the Distinguished Player after the game, “I had to pitch without ups and downs, and I am sorry. Thank you to all the fans who supported me during the long double header. Still, I am happy to go home with a win. “I’m glad I did it,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the fans.

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