The Hanwha Eagles have completed signing contracts with 10 2024 rookie players.

On the 23rd, Hanwha announced that it signed a contract with pitcher Hwang Jun-seo (Jangchung High School), the first overall pick and first round pick, for 350 million won. Hwang Jun-seo is a left-handed pitcher from the youth national team who has a lot of experience in big games and has stable ball control. He throws a high-quality slider and curveball with a fastball in the upper 140 km/h range. His high school league performance this season is 15 games, 6 wins, 2 losses, and an average ERA of 2.16. He was selected by Hanwha as the first overall pick in the first round of the 2024 KBO rookie draft held on the 14th.안전놀이터

Pitcher Cho Dong-wook (Jangchung High School), designated in the second round, was paid 150 million won. Jo Dong-wook is a left-handed pitcher who uses a variety of breaking balls and has been recognized for his high growth potential. Infielder Jeong An-seok (Whimoon High School), drafted in the third round, signed for 100 million won. Like Hwang Jun-seo, Jeong An-seok, a member of the youth national team, is evaluated as a right-handed pitcher and left-handed hitter with offensive, defensive, and main abilities.

In addition, Hwang Young-mook (Yeoncheon Miracle, infielder) in the 4th round received 80 million won, 5th round Lee Ki-chang (Yushin High School, pitcher) and 6th round Choi Jun-seo (Dongguk University, outfielder) received 60 million won, and 8th round Lee Seung-hyun (Gyeongbuk High School, catcher) received 40 million won. Each contract was signed. The 7th round is a draft pick trade. Won Jong-hyuk (Inchang High School, pitcher), Kwon Hyeon (Jangchung High School, outfielder), and Seung Ji-hwan (Yushin High School, pitcher), who were selected in the 9th to 11th rounds, each receive a contract deposit of 30 million won.

Jeong Min-hyuk, head of the Hanwha scout team, said, “We quickly signed contracts so that the new players could focus on preparing for their first professional season. We are grateful to the players and their parents for their cooperation.” He added, “All of the players nominated this time will represent the Hanwha Eagles. “I sincerely hope that he can grow into a capable player,” he said.

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