San Diego Padres plan to downsize for the 2024 season.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, a leading media outlet in the San Diego area, reported on the 25th (local time) that there will be a change in the way the Padres’ roster is constructed.온라인바카라

According to what they reported citing club sources, the Padres plan to maintain the total annual salary for the 2024 season at around $200 million.

The Padres’ total salary for the 2023 season is around $253 million. In other words, they plan to reduce their salary by $50 million compared to this season’s total salary.

The San Diego Union-Tribune introduced that this is something that has been discussed within the club for more than a year, regardless of the slump in the 2023 season. This is a separate matter regardless of the actions of the current decision-makers, general manager AJ Preller and manager Bob Melvin.

The reason they prepared such a plan was because the rate of increase in spending outpaced the rate of increase in revenue.

The Padres’ current revenue has approximately doubled compared to 2018, but their total annual salary has more than doubled from $104 million to $253 million over the same period. They felt the need to reduce the cost spent on the team.

As Eric Groupner, the club’s CEO, previously mentioned, we plan to avoid a ‘fire sale’ that involves getting rid of a large number of key players.

Their plan is to retain the team’s core players and still remain within the top 10 in terms of total annual salary in the league.

So where can you reduce your salary? First of all, there are players who will leave the team after this season. In San Diego, Blake Snell, Josh Hader, Drew Pomeranz, Rich Hill, Garrett Cooper, Rich Hill, and Choi Ji-man are scheduled to enter the free agent market after this season. Seth Lugo, Michael Waka, Nick Martinez, etc. may leave the team depending on whether their option is exercised.

If you combine the salaries of players entering the free agent market, more than $50 million will be lost, but spending to fill this gap is inevitable to some extent.

We need to find ways to reduce living expenses elsewhere. The most eye-catching player is outfielder Juan Soto. The final salary adjustment will be held after this season, and the annual salary is expected to be around $30 million.

The San Diego Union-Tribune introduced that the key is whether the Padres can afford to keep Soto, if not, whether they can maintain their offensive power without him, or what they can get in the trade market.

In addition, the issue of the future of salary adjustment players such as outfielder Trent Grisham and left-hander Tim Hill was also discussed. Players subject to salary adjustment will inevitably see their salaries increase compared to last season. It is a question to consider whether Grisham, who is showing Gold Glove-level defense in center field but has not been able to escape from his batting slump, and Hill, who had a poor ERA of 5.48 in 48 games this season, deserve a higher salary.

As a result, it aims to ‘fill the squad with cheaper talent’. This is expected to affect the future of Kim Ha-seong, whose four-year contract expires after the 2024 season.

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