“Kiyoung’s strength has decreased a little… ”

The KIA bullpen ranks third in the league with an average ERA of 3.91 based on the baseball statistics website Stats. It was first in the league with 3.27 in the first half, but ranked sixth with 4.92 in the second half. Compared to the first half, the second half is somewhat worse. Baseball is a sport of averages, but the general consensus is that the part where it is most difficult to maintain averages is the bullpen.카지노

There is a learning effect that it is difficult for Pilseungjo members to run for more than 2-3 years. This is because it is a position that requires a lot of physical load. So, experts say that the bullpen is a living thing, and that the average of the team’s bullpen can be maintained by constantly discovering new faces and finding future momentum. LG, which is leading the way, provided a good example.

The reason the KIA bullpen is still at the top of the league this year is because they discovered new faces in Choi Ji-min and Lim Ki-young. At the end of the season, left-handed sidearm Dae-yu Kim also performed well, and Sang-hyun Jeon, who had had ups and downs over the past year or two, made a perfect comeback in the second half of the season. Jang Hyun-sik’s production is slightly lower after returning from elbow bone fragment surgery, but there is almost no damage.

Nevertheless, in the second half of the year, the two dynamics faltered or disappeared for a while. Im Ki-young has an ERA of 4.50 with 2 losses and 4 holds in 9 games in September. From May to August, the hitting percentage was in the 100% range, but it rose slightly to 0.211 this month. It is noteworthy that 4 out of 8 hits were home runs.

Coach Kim Jong-guk also said ahead of the Changwon NC game on the 28th, “Kiyoung has lost a little strength.” This year’s changeup, which had a larger drop by changing the grip, was untouchable. However, with 77.2 innings in 58 games, it is the most innings by a pure bullpen. When physical strength decreases, grip strength inevitably decreases, and there may be subtle changes in arm height, etc.

Choi Ji-min, who was a little shaken in July but came back to life in August and September, has joined the Hangzhou Asian Games national team. Instead, Jeon Sang-hyun is sharing the two’s share little by little. Looking at KIA’s bullpen operation recently, there is definitely a point where Choi Ji-min’s absence is regrettable. However, the rest of the bullpen makes up for it.

Representative examples include left-handed submarine duo Kim Dae-yu and Kwak Do-gyu. Jang Hyun-sik is also deployed in various situations and shares the role of the existing Pilseungjo team. In particular, Dae-yu Kim is good with 2 holds and an ERA of 2.84 in 12 games in September. His hitting percentage is high at 0.333, but he has the ability to suppress runs. The benefits of pitching form are clear. Kwak Do-gyu and Jang Hyun-sik tend to give some points, but at this point, the environment has no choice but to find a breakthrough while writing.

Manager Kim Jong-guk said, “It will be difficult for the bullpen because it is the end of the season. Still, he is doing his part well. Kiyoung is doing well even though his strength is down, Daeyu is doing well, and Sanghyun is also doing well this season without any pain in his arm. “It would be nice if closer Hae-young’s on-base percentage was a little lower, but he’s still doing well.”

I expected a twist from Jang Hyun-sik. In 52 games this season, 2 wins, 2 losses, 3 saves, 5 holds, and an ERA of 4.40. After surgery to remove bone fragments from his elbow last fall, he returned at the end of April and is not able to show as much power as before. Still, he is having a healthy season. He is the original Madangso who pitches and throws in any situation. His physical strength is extraordinary.

Director Kim said, “Hyunsik works out hard. Still, I hope he will do more in the future.” Since Jeon Sang-hyun is alive, if Jang Hyun-sik fully recovers, the Triple J of yesteryear will be revived. Im Ki-young faltered and Choi Ji-min was left out, but it is time for a new breakthrough.Among the replacement starters, there is hope that Kim Geon-guk will be fine as a bullpen for one inning. On the 26th, against Changwon NC, he pitched 4⅔ innings, allowing 5 hits, 2 strikeouts, and 1 run. The cutter movement was pretty good. SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol, who broadcasted the game that day, praised the use of the setup man. It is truly true that a crisis is an opportunity. Lim Ki-young is faltering and Choi Ji-min is not there, but new momentum is visible.

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