Coach Tatsunori Hara (65), who led the Yomiuri Giants, a traditional powerhouse in Japanese professional baseball, is laying down the baton. Head coach Shinnosuke Abe (44), who is close to Doosan Lee Seung-yeop (47), will be appointed as the next manager.온라인바카라

Japanese media, including ‘Sports Hochi’, reported on the 4th that “Coach Hara will resign, and Chief Coach Abe will take over as coach.” The Hara era, which led Yomiuri for 17 years, came to an end. Coach Hara, who took office in 2002, served as Yomiuri head coach three times over 17 years and achieved nine league championships and one Japan Series championship.

Yomiuri, who had an ambitious start this season under the leadership of coach Hara, who declared victory, fell short of expectations. For two years in a row, they finished in 4th place and failed to advance to the Climax Series (postseason). For the first time under the same managerial system, they experienced the humiliation of falling below 4th place for two consecutive years, and Manager Hara also resigned from his position without completing the three-year period of his third contract.

New manager Abe is a legend who served as Yomiuri’s starting catcher. We shared a close friendship with Manager Lee Seung-yeop when he was the fourth hitter for Yomiuri. After his retirement, Coach Abe, who began his leadership career as the Yomiuri 2nd team manager in 2020, moved up to the 1st team from the 2022 season and assisted Coach Hara. This season, he served as both head coach and battery coach and received attention as the next head coach to succeed Coach Hara.

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