Doosan Bears 2024 rookie first-round pitcher Taek-yeon Kim will not participate in the National Sports Festival in October. Incheon High School made a huge decision to manage Kim Taek-yeon, who was unreasonable, at the World Youth Baseball Championship in September.

Kim Taek-yeon wore a Doosan uniform as the second overall pick in the first round in the 2024 KBO rookie draft held on September 14.안전놀이터

A Doosan scout official said, “If you look at Kim Taek-yeon’s rotation speed and vertical movement data, he was at the top level of most professional pitchers. The direction of future positions will have to be decided on site, but I think it will be closer to finishing than selection. He expected that he could grow up in the same style as KT player Park Young-hyun.”

On the day of the draft, Doosan delivered a sincere welcome message to the point where they prepared a separate team uniform with Kim Taek-yeon’s name on it.

In response, Kim Taek-yeon said, “As soon as he first put on the Doosan uniform, he felt that it suited him very well. I felt good because everyone around me said that. I didn’t expect my name to be engraved on it, but I was touched to receive a uniform like this. He is confident in any position, whether starting or closing. “I will work harder to meet the club’s expectations in the future,” he said with a smile.

Doosan, which had Kim Taek-yeon in its arms, whom it desperately wanted, was paying close attention to whether or not he would participate in the National Sports Festival to be held in South Jeolla Province from October 13th. Kim Taek-yeon participated in the World Youth Baseball Championship and experienced controversy over ‘overuse of five consecutive pitches’. Taek-yeon Kim, who had an unreasonable pitching schedule, seemed likely to suffer even greater overload if he went on the mound at the National Sports Festival in October and threw a lot of balls.

Seongnam High School’s pitching coach Seong Young-hoon, who joined Doosan as a first-round pick but ultimately failed to flourish due to endless injuries, also expressed concerns about Kim Taek-yeon’s appearance in the National Sports Festival. Coach Seong Young-hoon said in the past that his biggest regret was that he pitched in the youth competition and then pitched in the National Sports Festival.

Coach Seong said in a phone call with MK Sports, “15 years ago, I volunteered to go up to the mound and throw a lot of balls. At that age, unless you are seriously ill, you will naturally have a strong desire to perform on the big stage. It may be okay now, but I hope to take better care of it from now on for the future. It was such a fatal blow for me to throw the ball at the National Sports Festival after playing for the youth national team. “I still regret, ‘What would have happened if I hadn’t thrown the ball more at that time?’” he said, looking back on his sad past.

Coach Seong continued, “I watched Taekyeon Kim pitch a few times on video, and he looked really good. Since he is a player with such good pitch, I sincerely hope that he, unlike me, can throw the ball in good health for a long time. If you take good care of your body from now on, you will be fine. “If Kim Taek-yeon wears the Doosan uniform, I hope he can give Doosan fans all the joy that I was unable to give them,” he emphasized.

As Coach Seong wishes, Kim Taek-yeon plans to take a break instead of going on the mound at the National Sports Festival in October. A Doosan official said, “I heard that Incheon High School decided to not allow Kim Taek-yeon to participate in the National Sports Festival for management purposes.”

Kim Taek-yeon, who has entered ‘management mode’ like this, will throw out the first pitch with his father in the game against Jamsil Lotte on October 7th. Taekyeon Kim said, “I’m happy to be with his parents. “It will be a precious memory that I will never forget for the rest of my life,” he said. “I am really grateful to my parents who have worked hard to support me so far.” Now it is my turn to be filial. “I will grow up to be a great son and a great player,” he pledged.

Kim Taek-yeon wanted to give up the honorable first pitch spot to his parents. However, her parents expressed their intention to accompany their son in poetry rather than poetry as her son was the main character. Infielder Yeo Dong-geon, who was also nominated because he wanted to watch Doosan baseball, and Taek-yeon Kim, who had already visited Jamsil Stadium once in person, are scheduled to deliver their first official greeting to Doosan fans by throwing the first pitch.

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