The Middle East-South Asia professional baseball league, in which a large number of retired big leaguers participate, opens.짱구카지노

The Associated Press reported on the 24th (Korean time), “Stars who played in the Major League Baseball (MLB) have joined the baseball league based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

AP said, “Famous former big leaguers such as Bartolo Colon (50), Robinson Cano (41), Pablo Sandoval (37), and Didi Hrehorius (33) were nominated by teams in ‘Baseball United,’ the first professional baseball league in the Middle East and South Asia. “I received it,” he added.

Baseball United, a Middle East-South Asian professional baseball league, was founded in July of last year.

Agent and businessman Cathy Shayk and MLB Hall of Famers Mariano Rivera and Barry Larkin joined forces.

They judged that the market would be great in the Middle East, which is overflowing with funds, and India and Pakistan, which have large cricket populations.

Baseball United consists of a total of four teams, including two teams from the UAE, one team from India, and one team from Pakistan, and has decided to create four more teams in the future.

Each team formed its players through a draft on the 24th, and many former big leaguers were named, attracting attention.

The Mumbai Cobras, who had the first overall draft pick, selected Karan Patel, an Indian right-hand pitcher who was selected by the Chicago White Sox in 2017.

Colon, who won the Cy Young Award in 2005 and was selected as an All-Star four times, joined the Karachi Monarchs with the 16th overall pick.

Cano, who played in eight All-Star games and played for the Atlanta Braves last season, was selected by the Dubai Wolves with the sixth overall pick.

Khrehorius, who played a big role as the New York Yankees’ starting shortstop, was also selected by the Wolves with the third overall pick.

‘Kung Fu Panda’ Sandoval was selected 4th overall and wore the Abu Dhabi Falcons uniform.

Familiar players who played in the KBO league also joined. Willin Rosario (34), who previously played for the Hanwha Eagles, was selected by the Wolves with the 24th overall pick.

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