Ulsan Hyundai, aiming for their first K-League 1 win in a row since the club was founded, was caught by Gwangju FC in the first round of Final A. We lost 0-1 away. The paradox of defeat is regaining athletic ability. Coach Hong Myung-bo ordered strong pressure from the start, and the sharpness that had faltered came back to life. The fighting spirit of the players also shone. But in soccer, goals speak for themselves. Goal-making ability was still lacking. This is why the disappointment of defeat was greater. However, Ulsan’s ‘victory clock’ continues to run.토토사이트

Ulsan has been sluggish in K League 1 with 3 wins, 5 draws, and 5 losses in the last 13 games after two 6-game winning streaks and one 5-game winning streak were cut off. Before that, I had no idea that their momentum was sky high with 17 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. There are no eternal strong or eternal weak on the field. Ulsan is also feeling it.

The opportunity for a reversal has come again. Ulsan will play the third match of Group I of the 2023-2024 season Asian Champions League (ACL) against Johor Darul Taksim (Malaysia) at Ulsan World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 24th. ACL’s first goal is to advance to the round of 16. There is no place to turn anymore.

Ulsan won 3-1 against BG Pathum United (Thailand) in the first game, but bowed 0-1 in the second game against Kawasaki Frontale (Japan). Kawasaki is in first place with 2 wins (6 points), and Ulsan has 3 points (1 win, 1 loss) along with Johor. Johor, who led the team in scoring, was in second place, and Ulsan was in third place.

The group stage is now the turning point. There is a debt that must be repaid. Ulsan was placed in a group with Johor in the ACL last season as well. However, they lost both games 1-2 and failed to advance to the round of 16. After all, the only way out is through the goal. Ulsan has been suffering from four consecutive games without scoring, including three K-League 1 games and one ACL game.

Director Hong is also aware of reality. On the 23rd, a day before the final match against Johor, he said, “I think it’s the first time I’m going through a time like this. We have to overcome it because we are at the end of the season. From my perspective, I have to create a comfortable atmosphere for the players. Even if the players make mistakes, they must have confidence.” “You need to have a challenging attitude. Through this process, problems can be solved,” he said.

ACL’s resolve is clear. Coach Hong said, “We did not get the results we wanted last year or in the last game. Since this game is a home game, we will try to get good results. This week is an important time for our team. We will play tomorrow to increase the team’s mood and potential. “We need a win. The players are preparing well for the game and are in good shape overall, so we expect a good game,” he emphasized. Also, “Last year, our focus was on winning the K-League. Since the ACL started early, it overlapped with the league, which limited what we could do overall. This year, the tournament will begin early next year after the ACL group stage ends. “First of all, our biggest goal is to pass the preliminaries,” he added.

Ulsan’s goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo said, “I experienced Johor last year as well. I think they are a team with particularly strong speed. However, we prepared well based on our experience, so we will show Ulsan Hyundai at home.” He expressed confidence.

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