Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres)’s excellent defense was once again recognized in the United States. It was an article that revealed the prospects of becoming the first Korean to win the Gold Glove. 

‘Gaslamp Ball’, the San Diego Padres community of the American sports webzine ‘SB Nation’, published an article reviewing Kim Ha-seong’s third season in the major league on the 25th (Korean time).안전놀이터 

Gaslamp Ball said, “San Diego has faced various negative situations this year, but Ha-Seong Kim cannot be included in them. “Ha-seong Kim was a clear bright factor for San Diego this season,” he said, highlighting Ha-seong Kim’s brilliant 2023 season, saying, “Ha-seong Kim set career highs in runs scored, hits, home runs, walks, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and even OPS.” 

The evaluation of the value of ‘starting leadoff’ Kim Ha-seong continued. The media said, “As Kim Ha-seong consistently took over as leadoff this year, many people began to notice his skills.” He added, “Ha-seong Kim played in 73 games as leadoff under coach Bob Melvin, with an OPS of .783 and on base more than 36% of the time.” “It was a success,” he praised. 

Before Ha-seong Kim’s third season in the major league, superstar Xander Bogaerts joined him at shortstop, his main position, but he moved to second base and became an indispensable infielder on the team. He served as San Diego’s starting leadoff this year and left a strong impact with a batting average of .206, 17 home runs, 60 RBI, 84 runs, 38 stolen bases, and an OPS of .749 in 152 games. His momentum was so high that he became the first Asian player to hit 20 home runs and steal 40 bases. 

In addition, Ha-seong Kim was recognized for his defensive skills again this year and was named as a finalist in the National League Gold Glove Award in the second baseman and utility categories for the second consecutive year. Ha-seong Kim recorded +7 as a second baseman and +10 for all positions in OAA (out-contribution-over-average) this season. He boasted solid defense at all infield positions except first base. This is why it is predicted that he will become the first Korean to win the Gold Glove.

Gaslamp Ball said, “Kim Ha-seong showed off his incredible defensive skills this year as well. “The second baseman’s OAA is +7, tied for 6th overall, and his DRS (defensive run prevention index) is also +17,” he said. 

The media reported that Coach Melvin said, “Sometimes the team is down, but the way Kim Ha-seong plays is never like that. “This is a key element for us,” he said. “Ha-sung Kim never backs down, he never misses the ball. Ha-Seong Kim once said in an interview, “He really brings a lot of energy to the team.”

Of course, Ha-seong Kim’s season was not all perfect. A team full of star players failed to advance to the postseason by finishing in third place in the National League’s Western Division, and Ha-seong Kim suffered from a health problem near the end and was unable to contribute to the battle for rankings. 

Gaslamp Ball said, “Ha-seong Kim’s 2023 season had a bad start and end. The OPS for 27 games in March and April was low at .625, and the OPS for 11 games in September was low at .471. He pointed out, “The fact that he complained of stomach pain at the end of the season justifies his poor performance.”

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