“I will give Kershaw number 22.”

There have been rumors of Clayton Kershaw (35, free agent) transferring to the Texas Rangers for the first time in a long time. The prevailing view is that Kershaw will be contemplating whether to stay with the Dodgers or retire this winter. However, the LA Times analyzes that Texas is trying to win the World Series this year, and if it maintains its strong performance next year, it could be attractive to Kershaw.

The LA Times reported on the 29th (Korean time) that Kershaw may be moved to go to Texas this time. If Texas can challenge for another World Series win, a trip to Texas, Kershaw’s hometown, could be quite attractive.먹튀검증

More than anything, the Texans desperately want Kershaw. Right-hander John Gray (32) told the LA Times, “I’ll give him number 22. happy. “It will be cool.” Gray has no contact with Kershaw. After debuting with the Colorado Rockies in 2015, he signed a four-year, $56 million (approximately 76 billion won) contract with Texas in the 2021-2022 free agent market and played for two years. The only thing they have in common is that they currently use number 22 as their uniform number.

However, Gray cannot forget his memories of competing with Kershaw during his time in Colorado. The LA Times said, “Gray is four years younger than Kershaw. He spent the first seven years of his career at Colorado, and he said he respects Kershaw, even though they were West Division rivals.

“He’s very invested in what he does,” Gray said. He doesn’t want to say it’s like a video game, but it almost looks that way. He felt that way since middle school and high school. “I’m playing with him now, but I don’t know what he’ll probably do.”

Texas has Andrew Heaney and Corey Seager, who played with Kershaw in the Dodgers. In 2022, Heaney misses Kershaw even though he played for the Dodgers for just one year. He said, “I will be excited when Kershaw comes. He’s probably been working on that decision for the past two years. He is a great colleague. I really enjoyed playing with him. “It’s up to him.”

Seager worked together with Kershaw for quite some time, from 2015 to 2021. “We still keep in touch,” he said. Even Chris Woodward, the head coach of Texas in 2022 and currently serving as an advisor to the Dodgers, said, “At that time, I wanted Kershaw to come to Texas.”

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