Only when you get fastball speed, everything else can be bought.”

The evaluation criteria are clear. It is redemption. If he consistently records speeds of 143 km/h or higher, he is competitive as a starting pitcher. Conversely, if he does not have velocity, he cannot be guaranteed a good pitch. This is especially true in the Korean Series (KS), where opposing hitters demonstrate peak concentration. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop spoke about the final task of preparing for KS, the fourth starting pitcher.토스카지노

The competitive landscape emerged early on. Coach Yeom announced from the end of the regular season that one of Kim Yun-sik and Lee Jeong-yong will take the last spot in the KS starting lineup, and the other will go to the bullpen. Casey Kelly, Choi Won-tae, and Lim Chan-gyu will start in that order from the 1st to 3rd KS games, and the 4th starter will be decided through the KS preparation period.

And now the time to decide is approaching. Kim Yun-sik and Lee Jeong-yong took the mound side by side in the Blue and White match held at Jamsil Stadium on the 29th. Kim Yun-sik pitched two scoreless innings. Jeongyong Lee allowed 2 runs in 3 innings. Just looking at the records, Kim Yun-sik pitched better than Lee Jeong-yong, but the velocity, which is the reference point, was somewhat ambiguous.

According to LG club tracking data, Kim Yun-sik’s highest speed on this day was 145 km. The lowest speed was 136 km. In the first inning, the fastball velocity was in the low to mid 140km range, but the velocity dropped in the second inning. Of course, it was only the first real match in two weeks, and due to the nature of the Blue and White match, there was no need to throw all of your power. Still, the difference between the first and second rounds is something that needs to be pointed out.

Director Yeom said, “In Yoon-sik’s case, he needs to have speed on his fastball to buy everything else. “If you have velocity, your changeup and slider will all work,” he said. “On the other hand, if you don’t have velocity, you will become an ordinary pitcher. “Even in the last Doosan game, he didn’t show any velocity, so he was replaced right away,” he said.

As Coach Yeom said, Kim Yun-sik’s fastball pitch and performance this season were directly proportional to his performance. Based on Stats, he had the longest innings of the second half of the season, allowing 1 run in 5.2 innings in the Gwangju KIA match on September 8, with an average fastball speed of 144.1 km. On the contrary, in the game against Doosan in Jamsil on October 14, when the average speed was only 140.2㎞, the team was hit hard from the beginning of the game, and Coach Yeom quickly replaced Kim Yun-sik. Kim Yun-sik lasted only 2 innings and allowed 5 hits.

In KS, you have to unfold your strongest card. In other words, it is a risk to put Kim Yun-sik, who has no velocity, in the 4th game of KS. In fact, he has to prepare for a bullpen day. Coach Yeom and the coaching staff will look closely at Kim Yun-sik’s pitch and balance not only in the Blue and White match on the 29th but also in future actual games.

As long as there is arrest, it is the best scenario. If Kim Yun-sik becomes the fourth starter and Lee Jeong-yong moves to the bullpen, the mound depth will become even stronger. Coach Yeom said, “Jung Yong has a lot of experience as a mid-level pitcher. If Jeong Yong goes to the bullpen, there will be another winning team in our bullpen. “Because the extension lasts up to 15 innings, it may last longer depending on the situation,” he said. “On the other hand, if Yoon-sik goes in the middle, he will not have a large role in the bullpen. “Depending on who goes into the 4th selection, it will be determined whether there will be one more bullpen card or not,” he explained the mound composition according to the 4th selection.

Lee Jeong-yong does not have severe ups and downs in restraint. In the match against Cheongbaek on the 29th, the highest fastball speed was 146 km, and the lowest speed was 142 km. A slider that missed Beom-seok Kim led to a 2-run home run, but there were only 3 sliders out of 60 pitches that day. On a big stage like KS, the forkball, which is the main weapon, is expected to play a larger role than the slider. When pitching as a middle pitcher, there is no need for a variety of pitches.It’s quality over quantity. There is no need to utilize the pitching staff widely in short games like KS. There should be as many strong pitchers and pitchers who can beat their opponents as possible. However, in the case of LG, the entire mound composition changes depending on who is selected as the fourth starter. If you are Kim Yun-sik in the Gwangju KIA match on September 8th, you can expect the best scenario. Conversely, if Kim Yun-sik plays against Doosan in Jamsil on October 14, Lee Jeong-yong is suitable as the fourth starter.

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